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[Abstract] Scarlet O’Hara is the heroine of Gone with the Wind, written by the famous American female writer-- Margaret Mitchell. As her name suggests, she is a wild and strong-willed lady. She is not only charming and attractive in her appearance but also in her personality: she is a strong willed, indomitable, hard working and masculine lady of the western people. However, she is an individualist, in other words, she is a self-centered woman. She never cares about the feelings of others. To the men, she is an independent lady, she never depends on them; to the children, she is not a good mother, instead, she is Satan to them; and she has no female friends. She used to be the apple of Tara, she needs to pay no attention to the life, however, the war urges her to grow up and become mature. In a word, Scarlet O’Hara is a representative of the westerners of the South America during the wartime. Dong Xinbi is the heroine of New Beauty in the Turbulent World, which is written by the famous Chinese female writer, Huang Beijia. As her name indicates, Dong Xinbi is a delicate lady of the Southern China. She is a beautiful, strong minded, clever, hard working woman. However, she is dependent on men and cares others’ attitude towards her. To men, she is dependent on them and never say no to them; to the family, she is the angel of the family and takes good care of the children; and she has a lot of friends. The war changes her from an elegant lady to a strong woman. She is a typical Chinese woman.

[Key words] Scarlet O’Hara; Dong Xinbi; comparison

[摘 要] 斯佳丽是美国著名女作家玛格丽特·米切尔的代表作《乱世佳人》中的女主人公。正如斯佳丽的名字所暗含的意思,她具有顽强的生命力,即使身处逆境但仍对生活充满希望。人美性情更美,斯佳丽是一位个性坚毅,人格独立,勤劳能干的具有男性特征的西方丽人.同时,斯佳丽也是一名个人主义份子。对她来讲,最重要的人莫过于她自己了。对男人来说,她是一名独立的女性,从不依附他们,乃至,她比一般的男性还要坚强;而对于孩子们来说,斯佳丽是撒旦的化身.她不是一名好妈妈,对他们她没有丝毫的耐心,她从未关心过他们。即便斯佳丽后来也意想到这一点,但是她从未斟酌过如何改善她与孩子们之间的关系;同时,由于斯佳丽对男人的极强占有欲和她的特例独行,她几乎没有女性朋友。总而言之,斯佳丽是一名典型的美国内战时期的西方女性。董心碧是我国著名女作家黄蓓佳《新乱世佳人》中的女主人公。有别于斯佳丽这一战争中走出来的西方女性,董心碧虽然也是成熟于战争之中,但是她却是一位传统的中国女性。她容貌娟秀,性情坚强,聪明伶俐,勤劳能干。但是,如同传统的中国女性,董心碧依附于男人而生存,而且在意他人的看法。心碧是男人心目中完善妻子的代表;对孩子来说,心碧是世界上最好的母亲;而心碧又极会做人,与其他的女性相处和睦。总的来说,董心碧是一名典型的中国式的贤妻良母,是完美的传统中国女性的代表。

[关键词] 斯佳丽;董心碧;对比

1. Introduction

Scarlet O’Hara is the heroine of Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, a renowned American female writer in the South. She was born on Nov. 8, 1900 in Atlanta to a family with ancestry nearly the same as the O’Hara family of the Gone with the Wind: Margaret Mitchell’s grandmother, Annie Stephen, experienced the Civil War very much——– She moved to Atlanta during the Civil War and got married there; her father, Eugene Muse Mitchell, an Atlanta attorney, descended from Scotch-Irish and French Huguenots; Margaret Mitchell’s mother, Mary Isabelle, a typical feminist, gave lectures about feminism among the public quite often; the family included many soldiers members who had fought in the American Revolution, Irish uprisings and rebellions and the Civil War. So there is no doubt that Margaret Mitchell was so familiar with the backgrounds of the Civil War and that is why she could create such a lifelike and vivid figure—Scarlet O’Hara.

Gone with the Wind, as the title suggests, has something to do with the winds. And it is well known that there are two kinds of winds in the world: “the wind which blows away from the without and the winds from the within. Winds from the without, over which people have little control, may include adversity, war, pestilence, famine, calamity and misfortune. People have little control over these winds. Winds from the within, over which people may have control, can include passion, enmity, strife, malice, factions and jealousies.” The heroine of Gone with the Wind, Scarlet O’Hara, a strong and rebellious representative western woman of the South America, can stand the test of “wind” and never be gone with the “wind”.

Dong Xinbi is the heroine of New Beauty in the Turbulent World by Huang Beijia, a famous Chinese female writer, who was born in Jiangsu Province, China, in 1955. She is good at observing women and unearthing their inner worlds. Different from other female writers, Huang Beijia usually excavates women’s subtle feeling from a poetic perspective. Through the characters’ words, their activities and their surroundings, Huang Beijia leads the readers to sense the character in their own shoes. At the same time, Huang Beijia is a strong willed lady who enjoys a relaxing psychology. Her writing style is natural and fresh which attracts many readers’ attention.

One of the popular translation of Gone with the Wind in Chinese is《乱世佳人》(Beauty in the Turbulent World) and Huang Beijia entitles her work New Beauty in the Turbulent World《新乱世佳人》. From the titles we can draw a hint that there must be something in common in these two wor


ks, and in fact it is: the main idea of the New Beauty in the Turbulent World is similar to the Gone with the Wind. It is also about a great woman of the war. Similar to Gone with the Wind, the heroine of New Beauty in the Turbulent World Dong Xinbi is also a charming lady, and her experience is nearly the same as Scarlet O’Hara. She used to live a happy and sweet life, however, the war breaks out and it throws her into the troubled times. She has to grow up and fight for her family. After a series of torture, she finally becomes mature.

Despite the similarities, Scarlet O’Hara and Dong Xinbi are different in their personalities: Scarlet O’Hara is a self-centered and masculine lady who stands for the uprising westerners; while Dong Xinbi is an obedient, gentle and yielding lady who represents the traditional Chinese woman. But they still have a lot in common- - both of them are pretty, charming, hard working, clever and indomitable. What is more, they are not strong at first, however, the severe tests of the war stimulate them to become strong and mature which finally lead them to be excellent ladies in the turbulent times. So in the following chapters, this paper will compare them from different aspects.

2. The connotations of the names

A person’s name often suggests one’s personality.

Scarlet O’Hara is the heroine of Gone with the Wind. She is wild and can not be controlled. Just as her name suggests—Scarlet, the word in English means “bright red” , a color which is often associated with enthusiasm, wildness and brightness. And there is also a word in English —red-blooded, which means “full of vigor; virile” It indicates that Scarlet is full of vitality. If a woman is called Scarlet, we can drop a hint that this is an immoral woman. She never cares about others but only herself, in other words, she is an individualist.

Different from Scarlet’s wildness and vitality, Dong Xinbi is full of docility. Her name reminds the readers of the phrase “小家碧玉”( beauty from a small family), which indicates that Xinbi is delicate and graceful, while in another aspect it shows her dependence on her husband. Besides,“碧” equals to “绿”, which means green. And the word “green” in Chinese means vitality, or in other words, it stands for the hope of survival. If one’s heart is green, it means that he or she is vigorous, so her name suggests that Xinbi is always full of hope and never lose heart. Also, the word “green” usually associates with bamboo, which drops a hint that Xinbi’s character is somehow the same as bamboo—pure and noble.

Moreover,Xinbi is the mother of five “玉”(jades). The jade is warm and humid which drops a hint that Xinbi is gentle and magnanimous. Even there is an old saying that—“Rather be a broken piece of jade than a whole tile.” It also indicates that Xinbi is dauntless.

In a word, Xinbi’s name is a typical one of the traditional Chinese women—it indicates the delicate, graceful, dependent, pure but strong essence of Chinese women.

3. Pretty images

3.1 Beauty in appearance

There is no doubt that Scarlet O’Hara and Dong Xinbi are charming and attractive. Scarlet O’Hara is described as “a flower of evil” and Dong Xinbi “a matchless beauty”.

However, their beauty is not of the same kind, Scarlet O’Hara is a beauty of mixture--“In her face were too sharply blended the delicate features of her mother, a Coast aristocrat of French descent, and the heavy ones of her florid Irish father…” And she is very attractive—“but it was an arresting face, pointed of chin, square of jaw. Her eyes were pale green without a touch of hazel, starred with bristly black lashes and slightly titled at the ends” [6] However, her beautiful face also indicates that she is somehow masculine—“Above them, her thick black brows slanted upward, cutting a startling oblique line in her magnolia line.” [7]

But, at the same time, Scarlet is elegant—“ the modesty of her spreading skirts, the demureness of hair netted smoothly into a chignon and the quietness of small white hands folded in her lap.” [8]

It is well accepted that Dong Xinbi is a beauty as well. But different from the western version of Scarlet, Dong Xinbi’s beauty is of Chinese version--“she is about 13 or 14 years old, in other words, she is just growing up. However, she is an absolutely beauty—a girl with beautiful arched eyebrows, phoenix eyes, red lips, white teeth and with a Gusu accent.” [9] (当时她已10三四岁,初长成人,柳眉凤眼,朱唇皓齿,一口糯糯的苏州软语,十足是人见人爱的美人坯子)

Xinbi is a delicate and exquisite beauty of Southern China, which Chinese people praise highly. From what is mentioned above, we could imagine an enchanting and obedient beauty.

In a word, Scarlet O’Hara is a beauty of mixture: the mixture of France and Irish, and the mixture of masculine and elegant beauty. She is a representative of the masculine western beauty. Though beautiful and enchanting as well, Dong Xinbi is a traditional Chinese beauty. She is delica


te and elegant, however, she is obedient.

3.2 Beauty in personality

The beauty in personality is much more beautiful than the beauty in appearance and the two ladies proves it during the war.

Scarlet used to be the princess of Tara; she was the apple of her parents’ eyes and the young men of Atlanta’s. So was Xinbi, although she had to keep the house, she was an elegant controller of Dong’s. And her demeanor is matchless in the whole Haiyang. However, the war breaks out and they are thrown into a state of being restituted and homeless.

Facing the situation, Scarlet O’Hara changes with the times though she used to be capricious and self-important. She recognizes that she must be practical and learns the basic living abilities, such as picking cotton as the black slaves, cultivating the land and so on. And she tells herself “money comes first!”—It is the only thing that can make one feel warm and safe.

She is strong-willed besides adoptable when she is confronted with hard times. On the fall day of Atlanta, the doctor is so busy that he has no time to help Melanie. Scarlet turns to herself for help. She helps as a midwife and delivers Melanie’s child; and without Rhett’s help on the half way home, she manages to go back home by herself; taking the advantage of Kennedy’s illness, she manages the wood factory by herself. What is more, she does better than her husband… From the above instances, we can draw a conclusion that Scarlet is not only strong, but somehow self-helped and masculine.

And Scarlet is also creditable. Since the day Scarlet promised Ashley to take good care of Melanie, she tries her best to look after her although Melanie is her rival in love. On the fall night of Atlanta, though she is eager to be back to Tara, she helps Melanie give birth to the baby and brings her back to Tara and takes good care of her despite all the difficulties.

Xinbi is also an adaptable strong woman. She becomes no longer a descent and elegant lady but a practical woman during the war: she begins to learn how to sow seeds, how to make clothes by herself; she comes to realize that the reputation is impractical and rents some of her houses in order to make some money…

Xinbi keeps promises as well. Since the day she promised Shen Chen to look after his mother, she tries her best to take good care of the old lady—chatting with her, cooking delicious food for her, knitting sweaters for her… in a word, she tries her best to ensure that the old lady is living a relatively comfortable life. Even she thinks of asking the old lady to live with her and takes good care of her after Shen Chen’s death. However, the pitiful old lady goes with her son—she passes away the day after she knows that her son’s death. Never thinking of occupying the money Shen Chen gave her earlier, she spends all the amount of money in burying her mother.

Xinbi is clever. When her house is intruded by an official, she even use the policy of “violence to violence”—she asks a higher official indirectly for help; when her son Kejian is kidnapped, she asks her son-in-law—Wang Qianfan, who is a PRC to save him; and in order to save money, she goes to the suburbs to buy foods… Xinbi is smart, but we can also draw a conclusion that she is weak and dependent because she can not manage those affairs well by herself but always turns to others for help.

From the above discussion, it is clear that both of the two beauties are strong, creditable and clever; they can change with the times. But there are still some differences in their personality—Scarlet O’Hara is self-helped and masculine, and she never depends on men. While Dong Xinbi is a comparatively weak lady of Southern China. She is dependent on men.

4. Human relations

4.1 Attitude towards men

It is the same that the two ladies have three men during their lives. For Scarlet, they are Charles, Kennedy and Rhett; for Xinbi, they are Jiren, Shen Chen and Muzi. But their attitudes towards men are different, Scarlet is a self-centered woman, once she needs a man she will do it directly and finally let them fall into love with her. She is an individualist who looks for love by herself. However, Xinbi is a traditional Chinese woman; she always cares for other people’s comments and dare not to save her love, which finally leads to the tragic ends.

Scarlet marries Charles impulsively simply because Ashley rejects her love. The self-centered girl can not receive the humility. Capriciously she marries Charles just because “he has a lot of money, and he hasn’t any parents to bother me and he lives in Atlanta. And if I married him right away, it would show Ashley that I did not care a rap that I was only flirting with him. And it would just kill Honey. She had never, never catch another beau and everybody’s laugh fit to die at her, and it would hurt Melanie, because she loves Charles so much, and it would hurt Stu and Brent.” [10] What a self- important girl, she never con


siders others’ feelings.

What is worse, she is indifferent with Charles’ death. It is true that she is sad, but what she is sad about is not because her husband is dead, but because now she is a widow, she can no longer wear the beautiful dresses and she can not dance any more, even a greet to young men is forbidden. She only cares for herself!

Scarlet’s marriage with Frank is an example of her individuality. For Scarlet, “In such kind of society, as one’s aim, people pay much more attention to achieve one’s own goal. One’s own desire is much more important than that of the responsibility to the traditional society.” [11] She does not love Frank either, but in order to save Tara, she sacrifices herself and marries him. Because she needs the money to pay for the taxes on Tara, and Frank happens to be the only person except for Rhett who has the amount of money. In other words, if other people have the amount of money, she will also choose him. And she has no feeling towards Frank, worse still, she used to despise him. And she is independent even when she marries Frank. Taking the advantage of her husband’s illness, she is in charge of the business. And she no longer respects her husband, but manages everything by herself. She cares nothing of what her husband tells her and even employs black slaves and prisoners to save money. She becomes a successful businesswoman since now on and cares nothing what other people criticize on her. In other words, she is just self-centered.

Scarlet’s marriage with Rhett is another example of individuality. Without caring of others’ criticism, she only thinks for herself. And she is quite rebellious because she accepts Rhett’s proposal of marriage just when she becomes a widow. However, her marriage with Rhett is a tragedy. Although she chooses the marriage by herself, she does not realize that Rhett is the man who she really loves. Worse still, it is too late for her to realize it. Before the reorganization, she takes advantages of him very much without considering Rhett’s feeling. Finally she finds that Rhett is the man who she loves heartily, however, it is too late—Rhett already loses heart and leaves her. But Scarlet is strong and confident that through her persistent trying, Rhett will come back to her in the end.

While Xinbi’s attitude towards men is completely different from that of Starlet. According to a Japanese scholar: “A woman should treat her husband as God, and she should serve him with the highest sense of religion and respect. The most important responsibility for a woman, or in other words, the last-for-ever responsibility is obedience.”[12]

Xinbi is a traditional minded Chinese woman. She is dependent on Jiren and worships him as the God of her. She never says no to her husband. Even some time Jiren complains about something to her, she never feels ashamed or angry. To the contrary, she enjoys it. Since the day Jiren saves her, she is dependent on him. To him, “she has no views or wishes, she prefers to agree to other people’s opinions.’’ [13]

In fact, Xinbi’s worship towards Jiren comes into a pathological state—she has been married to Jiren for many years and does many things, such as giving birth to children, keep the house and so on. She is alike childish at the presence of Jiren. What is more, she hopes that her husband can teach her something. If it is wretched scamp, Xinbi admits it happily. [14] (进济仁家这么多年,为他生儿育女,操持家务,也算是个能干要强的女人了,就是在济仁脱不了孩子气,只盼着他每天把她放在嘴里教训着、点拨着才好。如果说这是“贱”的话,心碧可是心甘情愿认了这份贱)

Compared with Scarlet’s individuality, Dong Xinbi’s love is just for dependence, and she always cares so much about the traditional views that she is hesitate to accept men’s love towards her. She only marries to Jiren and never gets married again.

After Jiren’s death in the beginning of the war; she feels so tired and empty that she needs Shen Chen to depend on. But as a traditional Chinese woman, she cares so much of what other people might comment on her that she is hesitate to accept Shen Chen’s love. When she finally chooses to accepts, but it is too late because Shen Chen passes away.

Besides Dong Jiren, Xue Muzi is the man Xinbi depends on and loves. However, because of Xinbi’s traditional view of love, she always hesitates to receive his love, and because she wants to be a good mother, they depart at last.

Different from Scarlet’s active attitudes towards love, Xinbi is passive. The traditional Chinese woman always hesitates to accept the love and finally misses it.

4.2 Attitude towards children

Scarlet maybe is the Satan to her children because she does not love them, what she cares is only herself and money. Wade, her first and only son, Scarlet “had not wanted him and she resented his coming, and, now that he was here, it did not seem possible that he was hers, a part of her.” [15] “Ella! It annoyed Scarlet to realize that Ella was a silly child but she was undoubtedly was.” [16] Bonnie is her and Rh


ett’s daughter, however, she does not like Bonnie very much either. Naturally, Bonnie is much intimater with her father Rhett. In a word, Scarlet never has the slightest notion with her children. What a failed mother!

According to Woolf, woman is “the angel of the family, she is sympathetic, charming and selfless. The art of torture in the family is her merit. And she sacrifices to other people everyday. ” [17] It suits for Xinbi properly—the traditional Chinese woman, different from the Satan in the family of Scarlet O’Hara, she is a dutiful wife and loving mother. She devotes all herself to her family. Due to the traditional view of “maritage is an undeniable basis of marriage” [18] She tries her best to make the maritage for Runyu and gives all what she can give her—sharp 100 loads of maritage although they are in the hard time of war. Besides Runyu, she treats other children as the same. She is open-minded and never intrudes in her children’s personal affairs.

Dong Xinbi is a typical example of successful traditional Chinese mother: she devotes all herself to her children and her children respect her. While Scarlet is a failed mother compared with Dong Xinbi’s success. She is an individualist who only cares about herself; and she is a materialist at the same time, who cares about how to make money. She is too sharp and easily vexed to win the children’s confirm or affection, and now it is too late for her to look into the deep hearts, worse still, she refuses to do such a tough work.

4.3 Attitude towards friends

Scarlet is a lady of individualist, she never cares what others may comment on her, she only pays attention to herself. And she acts ostentatiously. “She is unsuccessful in every female role and in her relations with other women.” [19] Even her sister Suellen hates her because she seizes her fiancé Frank. Maybe Melanie is her only woman friend besides her mother Ellen and her common Mummy. However, she does not realize it until Melanie passes away.

While Xinbi is a traditional Chinese woman, she believes that unity is the best policy. And she is a tactful and wise woman, although she knows that a lot of people are green eyed with her, she pretends to be completely in the dark of their hostility and is always ready to help them. What is more, she always enjoys a harmonious relationship with her friend. And they help her a lot in the war. Even her counterpart Duyan gives her a hand when she is in trouble. And the servants of her family respect her and help her whenever she is in need of help.

5. Beliefs

As an individualist, Scarlet is irreligious, she only believes herself. Her God is a God of wrath. When Ellen and her family members are preaching piously, she is thinking of how to marry with Ashley secretly. And when she seizes her sister’s husband and marries him, she only thinks that “I really didn’t think about God much more then—or hell. And when I did think – well, I just reckoned God would understand. ” [20] We can even say that Starlet’s God is an absentee God. When Mammy complains that “ ah doan know whut de Lawd thinkin’ ‘bout, lettin’ de bad women flurrish lak dat w’en us good focks is hungry an’ mos’ barefood.” [21] Scarlet only replies coldly: “The Lord stopped thinking about us years ago. And don’t go telling me Mother is turning in her grave to hear me say it, either.” [22]

Being a traditional Chinese woman, Xinbi believes in the religion. Before the wartime, Xinbi is so busy keeping the house that she just respects the Guanyin when it is festivals. For another reason, she knows that madam Xinjin always respect the Buddha for her. However, due to the serious misfortune in the wartime, Xinbi loses herself. She finds nowhere to put her spirit. Gradually, she becomes a total Buddhist at last for the religion is the place for her to place her hopes on.

6. The Processes of maturing

6.1 Before the war

Scarlet, the individualist is quite willful. In her opinion, “a lady’s highest and the only task for her is to show her perfect character of being a woman.” [23] So the only thing for her is to dress up beautifully and looks for an ideal husband. She could never long endure any conversation of which she is not the chief subject, and she hopes that every man pays attention only to her.

Compared with Scarlet’s individuality, Xinbi is full of virtue and duty.

Before the wartime, Xinbi has already been a sagacious and efficient woman: although she has to give birth to children, keep the house, treat all kinds of people… However, she is dependent on Jiren. She never has to care about how to make money; and when something happens, she does not need to deal with it because Jiren will do with it well. She believes that “Ignorance is a woman’s virtue.” (女子无才便是德) and does whatever her husband tells her to do.

Moreover, her obedience to Jiren is somehow crazy. Just because Jiren likes Yi Fengjiao—a prost


itute, she accepts her and makes an independent house for her.

Xinbi is just a traditional Chinese woman, she keeps the virtue that is passed down from the ancestors and never doubts whether it is right to do so.

6.2During the war

There is an old saying that life is connected with the world, and each people make choices through his around environment and through it to make sure of him. The pre-war period are sweet memories for both Scarlet and Xinbi, however, the war stimulates them to be strong.

Scarlet becomes a widow during the war. Atlanta is falling; she wants to turn back to Tara for help. However, Melanie is going to give birth. Without the doctor’s help, she becomes a midwife and delivers her child. With Rhett’s help, she gets away from Atlanta successfully, but Rhett also leaves her in the half way because he is going to take part in the war. Scarlet feels sad, the only word she can remind is “leaving”, and Rhett is going to leave her. But she has no time to feel sad; she has to return to Tara. However, the situation in Tara is much more serious-- Mum Ellen died the day before, father is in a state of dementia, her pitiful two sisters are hit by the typhoid, she has to look after Melanie for she just gives birth to a child… In a word, the war throws her into a homeless and starved state. Scarlet has to become strong; she tries every means to save Tara and becomes a competent businesswoman. When a Yankee soldier intrudes, she even kills him and takes away his treasure.

The life during war is no better for Xinbi--Jiren passes away, her mother-in-law is old, madam Xinjin is weak, what is more, she never cares about the domestic affairs, and her children are still young…she has no other choice but to becomes strong and supports the family all by herself. In addition, she is hard working: She plants vegetables and make clothes for her children in her own.

Xinbi is dauntless. The death of Runyu shocks her severely, but she comes to herself within two days, because she still has five other children. Shen Chen is the second man that she falls love into, however, he is shot by her son-in-law—Wang Qianfan. God plays a serious joke on her, but she struggles for herself. Xinbi also kills a soldier, because that Japanese solider is going to insult her daughter. She kills him and takes away his money.

According to Woolf, “There are two kinds of power in one’s body, the masculine power and the female one… and the excellent state is when the two powers combine and work together harmoniously and heartedly.” [24] For Xinbi and Scarlet the two ladies in the turbulent world, the wartime is just the time for them to be the embodiments of combining the two powers together. But Scarlet somehow does better than Xinbi, because the individualist “she is eager to get a seat in the history, she demands that she should gain the chance of sharing the opportunity and power equally with men.” [25]

6.3After the war

After the war, Scarlet measures money much more important than before. She dares to ask her neighbors to pay back the debts, employ the free black slaves even the prisoners. “Now, all what she does is masculine. She is clear out, firm, decisive and sharp, without any hesitation. She knows what she needs and looks for it in an easiest way like men.” [26] The same is true to Xinbi. At the end of the war, Xinbi and her children go back home. Now, she is “actually under bi-pressures, she is not only has to be a traditional dutiful wife and loving mother, but also to seek for personal finance and the independent social status.” [27] Being the backbone, she has to keep her children and to raise her family. When other people interrupt her family, she tries every means to recapture her property.

The two ladies are strong, but they are weakening in their feelings.

The event that shocks Scarlet most is that when she finally clears about her feeling—the one she really loves is Rhett. However, it is too late for Rhett to accept because he is too tired to accept her love. But luckily, she is full of hope and believes that “I will think of it all tomorrow, at Tara. I can stand it then. Tomorrow, I will think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.” [28]

The death of Kejian after the war is the biggest shock to Xinbi. She loses heart and even commits to suicide many times. She is so weary that “the next spring, when Xiaoyu brings her son from Shanghai to visit mum. She could only see an old lady with grey hair on entering the door. She is puzzled whether she is a relative or not. But she is her mother Xinbi. That year, Xinbi is only fifty one years old.” [29] (开春的时候,小玉抱着她周岁的儿子从上海回来看娘。踏进家门,只见迎着阳光的门洞里坐着一个白发苍然的老太太。小玉先是1愣,不知道这是家中哪一位老太太,细看,才知道原来是她娘。这一年,心碧不过五十一岁。)

7. Conclusion

Both Dong Xinbi and Scarlet are ladies in the turbulent world. Scarlet is the representative of the westerners; while Dong Xinbi stands for the traditional Chinese woman. They


are pretty, strong minded and hard working.

Scarlet O’Hara is the representative of the Southerners after the Civil War—hard working and independent. She is an outstanding woman that full of energy, who can overcome all the challenges from life; moreover, she can take care of her family without a man. In a word, she is a “type of ruthless entrepreneur which Northerners have met in their own life.” [30]

Dong Xinbi is the representative of the traditional Chinese women. She shows an excellent ability of changing with the times. And she is clever and knows what to do al the time. She believes that everything will go well and nothing is difficult. She is “not a woman of inferior sex but the embodiment of genuineness, kindness and beauty.” [31]

This paper helps me to know better of Margaret Mitchell and Huang Beijia, and their works. What is more, through writing the paper, I have a better understanding of the characters.


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